Creates Your 360° View of Securities Research

Focusing on your topic, seemingly disparate pieces of data coalesce to form a 360° view of your specific research. Whether your research centers around companies, industry sectors, people, stock trends, geographical locations, keyword trends or sample disclosure language, Kaleidoscopes flexibility supports researchers of all experience levels.

Why utilize graphs and charts?

Human minds react and absorb more information through colorful visual stimulation and graphics. A relevant chart can unveil vital data trends immediately and scroll-overs reveal the absolute numbers behind the charts. Viewing dense textsearch results is time-consuming and monotonous, even for the most experienced researcher. Using the latest in data visualization technology to convey the quantitative metrics behind every search, Kaleidoscope quickly delivers more information through relevant color-coded graphs and charts. The graphs and charts in are designed to relay many layers of data that are absent in other securities research tools.

This example shows six (6) layers of data, easily identified for Director Changes over the period of a year.

What content is available in Kaleidoscope?

Kaleidoscope aggregates, filters, tags and melds data from around the world. The most recent addition to the content set is SEDAR, Canadian filings for funds and corporates. The list below represents the content as of May 2020.

Primary Content:

o SEC Filings and Comment Letters- 1994 to date

o 10-yrs Financials,

o End of Day Stock Pricing for corporates and funds,

o Industry & Investor News,

o Transcripts text and audio and participants

o SEC News on litigation, enforcement, rules and regulations. o SEDAR (add-on) 1997 to date, corporate and fund filings

o Derived Databases Kaleidoscope extracts specific datasets to facilitate full text research on:

      • ▪  Agreementsmaterialcontracts

      • ▪  Exhibits financial contracts, notes, debt, subsidiaries, accounting firm reports, etc.

      • ▪  Insiders Who are insiders? How much stock so they own? Are they buying or selling?

      • ▪  Institutional Holders which institutions own large amounts of company stock.

      • ▪  Events changes that make a material difference in the company lifecycle.

  • Major Functionality:
    • Powerful support for Boolean operators
      • Simple: (AND OR NOT)
      • Advanced:
        • proximity,
        • sequence,
        • stemming,
        • wildc?rd,
        • (grouping of ideas). 
    • Interactive Charts dynamic filters display exact quantitative metrics of search results
      • Filing Activity – Volume by day
      • Drag & Drop Date Line
      • List of Companies
      • 8-K items including the keywords
      • Industry Sectors (SIC Codes)
      • Forms and Form Groups
      • Experts (accounting and legal firms)
    • Filter by: Form, Form Group, Industry, Date Ranges, Location (5 options), Entity Filer Status, Custom Peer Groups, Experts (accounting firm or law firm), Revenue

    • Highlighted Keywords  in Context

    • Redline Comparison of Filings

    •  Company Profiles – all company related stock data, financials, news and filings aggregated into one convenient location.

    •  Affiliations – Executives and Directors are charted and linked to other company boards.

    • Section Searching – pinpoints keywords, phrases and complex queries.

    • Search, Save and Share Queries

    • Collaborate with “Live” Reports – using Kaleidoscope widgets you can create an automatically updating report (or watchlist) and share it with colleagues or clients.

    • Peer Groups/Watchlists – create custom peer groups, search using the peer group, review relative EOD stock price

    • Mass Download – filings, exhibits and agreements.

    • Export Search Results to Excel with link to original filing.

    • Table Export to Excel – all tables in the filing or individual tables.

    • XBRL and iXBRL view and export data to Excel including Notes to Financial Statements.

    • Alerting on keywords, complex full text expressions, companies, filing types, location, filer size, auditor or law firm, debt, notes, offering circulars, IPOs, etc.

A Company Profile:  All company data consolidates into one easy-to-access location

    • Profile is a Summary of Company facts and charts including:
      1. Company Name
      2. EOD Stock Price chart – overlaid with color-coded filing history on the date line,
      3. Company Capsule
        • Ticker/Exchange, CIK #, Address
        • Experts – accountants and law firms affiliated with the company’s filings
        • Filer Type – Large Accelerated, Accelerated, Non-Accelerated, etc.

        • Total Shares Outstanding

      4. Forms – all specific form types filed during the specified time frame.

      5. Form Groups – easy to see that Insider Filings make up the bulk of a company’s filing history.

      6. 8-K Items Chart – showing the number of filings for each item number,

    • Company News – investor and industry news

    • Press Releases – all press releases filed by the company.

    • Transcripts of Earnings Calls – text and audio replay, name, title and company of participants.

    • Filings – all filings from 1994 to date.

      • Links to Exhibits/Agreements “Incorporated by Reference”

    • Agreements –All includes all agreements or forms of agreements the company has filed.

    • Exhibits – all exhibits filed by the company since 1994.

    • Insider Transactions– easy-to-read table format with interactive graphs on who’s buy or selling.

    • Institutional Holders – data extracted from 13-F HR filings and displayed in table format includes the “% change” from the previous quarterly filing.

    • Affiliations – interactively maps the connections of the Officers, Directors and 10% owners to other company boards.

    • Events considered red flags include:

      • Board of Directors – resignations, replacements and appointments.

      • C-Level changes – resignations, terminations and appointments

      • Accounting Firm

      • Restatements – explanatory note details the reason for the amendment.

      • Amended Certificates of Incorporation and Bylaws– original and amended.

      • Transcripts– extracted from 8-K filings regarding Earnings Calls.

      • Mergers & Acquisitions & Sales – execution copy and all documents associated with the event.

      • Proxy Fights – Lists the initial filing of a DFAN 14A, subsequent communications can be found in the company’s Proxy Statement filings.

Full Text, Phrase or Simple Keyword Search Results

  1. Activity Line Chart and Date Range

  2. Graphic Summary – All companies with the number hits in context, all industries with number of companies that match in each sector, all forms containing the hit in context, and the law firms or accounting firms that support the companies and the number of companies they represent.

  3. Filings – total number of filings that match, display most recent, sortable by company name, form, date and the count of hits in context for each filing.

  4. Geo Map – Displays the Companies worldwide by State of Incorporation or Business Address

  5. Stock Trends – Lists and charts the Winners and Losers based on the disclosure language; includes beginning, ending and % change.

  6. Word Map – What words are trending after your keywords? The Word Map guides the researcher to see the trends as well as find the “needle in the haystack”

Kaleidoscope, the state-of-the-art in securities research, unveils critical, quantitative metrics underlying every search. Securities research is an overwhelming task without seeing the metric distribution behind the results. Data visualization is vital to workflow efficiency and pinpoint accuracy. Using data visualization technology, Kaleidoscope transforms endless lists into meaningful charts and graphs reflecting the distribution of results. It’s flexible search functionality, data visualization with metrics and robust export features is the reason why Kaleidoscope is an invaluable resource for by corporations, law firms, investment banks, accounting firms as well as consulting firms of all sorts. Visit for more information.

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