Strategic Decisions – Compliance & Financial Reporting – Investor Relations – Competitive Intelligence 

Flexible, Affordable & Easy to Use

Supports all aspects of senior level financial and legal activities such as mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, external SEC reporting, competitive intelligence, financing, restructuring, or drafting agreements and contracts. 

We help public and private companies conserve budget dollars and yet provide a flexible, easy to use cloud-based research platform that supports credit, equity and funds research, transactional, and compliance functions. No installation required. No special hardware. This solution gives you instant access to information no matter where you are.


Strategic C-Level Intelligence

  • Alerting on Regulatory & Compliance Requirements
  • Industry Intelligence for Board Committees
  • Executive Compensation Plan Trends
  • Governance Trends and ESG Initiatives
  • Terms & Conditions in Underwriting and Credit Agreements


Financial Intelligence

  • Comparative Disclosure Research for Periodic SEC Reporting and Proxy Statements
  • Forms and Guidance for Note Registrations
  • Major M&A Transaction Examples
  • Quick and Easy Access to previous technical XBRL & iXBRL 
  • Links to SEC, FINRA, AICPA, and FASB Regulations & Guidance
  • Access to Peer Comment Letters and Responses
  • Accounting Firm Memos and Guidance

Investor Relations Intelligence

  • Monitor activist shareholder proposals
  • Track Institutional Holders
  • Alerting on Beneficial Owner Share Changes
  • Follow the Analysts Earnings Calls
  • Monitor the industry news and stock price


Competitive Intelligence

  • Create unlimited, real-time alerts on subjects, people, competitors, events, customers, and suppliers.
  • Stay up-to-date on industry mergers,  spin-offs, hostile takeovers, “going private” moves, etc.
  • Peer Financial Comparisons
  • New Product Introductions and Division Sales
  • Changes in Leadership
  • Industry Trends, ESG initiatives, and much more.

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