Real-Time Scoops on Businesses, Funds, Executives, and Regulations

Be the first to discover & expose breaking news

Why not “scoop” the story first? Real-time alerting on your subject areas, companies or industries enable you to be the first to discover and expose breaking news or delve a little deeper into the company’s background, management, and historical stock pricing.

And it’s affordable! It’s a flexible, easy-to-use, cloud-based research platform that delivers alerts and immediate access to the details. No installation is required. No special hardware. This solution gives you instant access to information no matter where you are.


Why Media organizations choose Kaleidoscope:

  • Easy to Use, intuitive interface
  • Real-Time alerts on people, companies, strategies, topics, and more. 
  • Coverage for local, national, and foreign issuers.
  • Details of an IPO, merger, hostile takeover, proxy fights, and bankruptcy filings. 
  • Monitor leadership changes, compensation, bonuses, “golden parachutes” or “poison pills”.
  • Disclosures on hot topics like ESG, patents, and civil litigation
  • Company profiles help you stay abreast of financials, earnings calls, subsidiaries, and investor news.
  • Monitor SEC news, enforcement actions, litigation, new rules, and compliance standards-

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