More answers . . . less digging. Surfacing more intelligence.

Leverage comprehensive SEC & SEDAR research enriched with dynamic infographic filters.

Actionable Intelligence from SEC & SEDAR Disclosures & Regulations


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Desktop Research

Fast, Easy and Accurate. Kaleidoscope surfaces more data with less searching. Every search delivers the interactive metrics to support results and filtering.

IR Solutions

Currently supporting over 3,000 domestic and international public companies through partnerships. SEC filings, Stock Data, News and Transcripts.

APIs & Data Feeds

Raw data feeds, plug-n-play widgets for DIYers, and full customization via API. The choice is yours. Our expert technology team can advise or assist in the integration process.


Academics & Non-Profits


What our clients are saying...

“You can count me as a fan of Kscope – it makes SEC research fun again!”
Investigative Consulting Group
Research Director
“The group loves Kaleidoscope, they find it useful and actually prefer it to Securities Mosaic.”
University Prospect Research
“Kaleidoscope is very user-friendly and I like the training videos. It’s fantastic for competitive intelligence and much more cheerful than other products.”
Competitive Intelligence Consulting
Senior Researcher
“I think the product is great and has been really helpful for my work.”
Prospect Research Consulting
Senior Researcher
“Love it! It’s easy to use and ideal for due diligence research on M&A targets for my clients.”
Accountants & Consulting
“As a CPA, I find the service very easy to use and navigate. I especially like the ability to save filings as a Word .doc or PDF. I do find the SEC research capabilities of Kaleidoscope very helpful for financial and XBRL research.”
Independent Accountant

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