The Expressway to Corporate Insider Wealth and Connections

Believe it or not, SEC filings are a rich source of wealth and relationship information on corporate insiders. Oh, you could manually scour EDGAR (, but it’s a time-intensive, soul-sucking journey. It’s kinda like getting stuck behind a tractor on a 2-lane country road when you’re in a hurry. Researching one person at a time is not as efficient as automatically generating lists based on SEC insider data!

Imagine searching through hundreds of pages to “copy and paste” bits of information about an insider’s wealth, trying to figure out which people they have worked with in the past, or fiddling with Excel pivot tables to calculate intersections . . . YIKES! Why take on a Herculean task, when there’s a faster, more efficient way?

Let’s take the EXPRESSWAY! 

KALEIDOSCOPE’s Insider Focus puts you in the fast lane,  streamlining research on insider wealth and relationships by automatically surfacing all relevant information about people, groups of people, institutions, companies, geolocations and industries. What does it do?

  • Generates watchlists of alumni, known donors, family, or just high net worth insiders in seconds, not hours.
  • Lists contain names, unique identifiers, job titles, education, a financial summary for quick wealth screening and links to full profiles.
  • Profiles contain bios, pictures, education , financial snapshot, relationships and details on stock sales, stock holdings (options, RSUs, PSUs, etc.) updated in real-time.
  • Gift Icons pinpoint people with a history of gifting stock to institutions, donor advised funds and trusts.
  • Calculates the “net value” of stock sales for an accurate dollar amount received.
  • Real-time alerts keep you up-to-date on news mentions, stock sales, career moves, changes in compensation, and more.
  • Export and share the data to support your workflows or CRM.

By surfacing and organizing insider’s wealth data and relationship connections, Insider Focus streamlines capacity calculation, unveils past-present and future wealth events, and the relationship mapping riddle. 


As in most things, it’s not necessarily what you know . .  but WHO you know that makes a difference. Below is an example of a simple map of the past and present business affiliations for an insider, as well as the list of people he served with on each of the boards, their education, titles and company.  Note that fellow alumni from various companies “bubble up” to the top of the list on the right, as shown in the image below. Colorful visual clues provide advancement teams with direct paths for “warm” introductions to build relationships with potential donors.


Insider Focus leverages all kinds of AI technology to streamline all aspects of Prospect Research, Management and Development activities — from prospect identification to wealth screening, discovering future liquidity events, and mapping relationship connections with public boards, institutions, and non-profit organizations.

  • Calculates a Securities Gift Value
  • Flags Gifts to Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)
  • Verification Links to source document for every data point. 
  • Real-time Updates to database.
  • Links to Employment, Severance, Change in Control Agreements
  • Compensation Trends show percent of increase or decrease from year to year.
  • Library of Prospect Research Search Templates

And unlike GenAI creating dubious results, Kaleidoscope uses AI for data extraction from the fine print, dense text, non-uniform tables, and footnotes to accurately reveal the intelligence needed for a full range of fundraising activities. 

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