Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP)

Incredible Greed?  Small business owners wonder what happened? Where did all the #ppploans money go?  The program designed to support the “little” guy with keeping their employees during the #Covid-19 isolation period was swallowed up by large public companies and endowment funds and disappeared in a matter of days. Unbelievable.

Many of these #publiccompanies received $12-10 Million and expect to apply for more. Here are just a couple of excerpts from SEC filing:

Company 1: “The aggregate amount received under the PPP Loans by affiliates of the Company is approximately $12.8 million. The Company anticipates receiving additional PPP Loans.”

Company 2: “we are planning to apply for a paycheck protection program or ppp loan under the recently passed cares act in an amount equal to approximately 8 million.”

Using Kaleidoscope, you can follow the money trail of #publiccompanies applying for and receiving millions, leaving #smallbusiness owners up the “creek without the proverbial paddle. “ 

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