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Supports all aspects of senior level financial and legal activities such as mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, external SEC reporting, competitive intelligence, financing, restructuring, or drafting agreements and contracts. 

The 2020+ challenge: COVID-19 turned the world upside down with quarantines, working remotely, plunging profits, market volatility, increasing refinancing and reorganizations, a growing demand for credit extensions, and your shrinking budget. All these factors and more create a challenge to provide comprehensive support for Corporate America with powerful, yet affordable applications that support more than one division.

The real questions are: “How can we best equip our C-Level company activities with a comprehensive research platform that supports all our critical functions with the information needed and not “break the bank” as well?”

The real answer? Kaleidoscope. We help public and private companies conserve budget dollars and yet provide a flexible, easy to use cloud-based research platform that supports credit, equity and funds research, transactional, and compliance functions. No installation required. No special hardware. This solution gives you instant access to information no matter where you are.

Here are just a few ways Kaleidoscope supports your Corporation::

  • Robust search on disclosure language by other companies on emerging topics.
  • Easily download all tables within annual and quarterly reports into Excel.
  • XBRL & iXBRL view and print. Easy, fast research on financials, notes and accounting policies.
  • Monitor SEC news, enforcement actions, litigation, new rules, and compliance standards.
  • Agreements database provides easy access to all types of agreements, including employment, credit, and underwriting agreements, and agreement templates.
  • Analyze the terms of a spin-off, tender offer, offering circular, refinancing, or a merger.
  • Peer Group research identifying trends in executive and director compensation and LTIPs.
  • Real-Time Alerts on people, companies, strategies, topics and more.
  • Share “Live” Reports with colleagues for up-to-the-minute financial information via customizable dashboards.
  • Monitor changes by activist investors and institutional holdings.
  • Company profiles help you stay abreast of analyst’s opinions via investor news

Added-Value Content

XBRL & iXBRL – No more scouring through a 10-K or 10-Q for financial facts and notes. XBRL Viewer provides quick easy access to the numbers as well as notes to the financial statements, tables and accounting policies. Print the sections you need.

Infographics – Adds interest and retention because the color coded, dynamic Infographics reveal the numerical and metrics supporting your search results. Each chart is an interactive screener

Investor News – Explore real investor news, opinion, analyst ratings, ideas and more. Compiled from reliable online resources, not your same old newswires, Kaleidoscope provides access to full text articles in one-easy to use interface.

Transcripts of Earnings Calls – Read and listen to complete earnings calls with audio playback, corporate officers, and analysts/companies. Links to company profiles, interactive filter to analyst’s coverage of other companies. Completely searchable for language trends, exchange, participants, and date range.

Shareholder Activism – Nothing’s worse than getting blindsided by activist shareholders. Discover the ownership level, history of activism and monitor shareholdings on forms SC 13D, 13D/A, and SC 13G, SC 13G/A

Institutional Holders share fluctuations, and true insiders (forms 3, 4, and 5) with Kaleidoscope. See how other companies have handled Proxy Fights and the outcomes in the Events section. Protect your company from potential takeovers or tender offers with real time alerts from Kaleidoscope.

Events: M&A Activity Surfaced in Real-time.No hunting or digging, Kaleidoscope surfaces critical actions that impact companies and ultimately, investments. Screen the results by the infographics showing the distribution by industry or access the filing. Fast, easy and factual, topics include: M&As, Executive & Director Changes, Financial Restatements, Proxy Fights and more.


Kaleidoscope contains up-to-the minute, authoritative corporate and financial data, robust search functionality, interactive infographics as well as access to comprehensive standards and regulatory information.

  • SEC filings for companies, funds, investment management firms, foreign private issuers and foreign governments.
  • Precedent Agreements that are alphabetized A-Z and categorized for easy, search and retrieval.
  • Example Library Forms of Agreements and Exhibits.
  • Standards & Regulatory Information on rules, news, standards, legal interpretations, litigation, and enforcement actions.
  • Corporate Profiles on public companies.
  • Earnings Calls Transcripts – audio playback and text.
  • SEDAR filings (optional) for companies, funds & Canadian Standards & Regulatory Information


  • Highlighted “blurbs”hits in context are highlighted for easy identification and review.
  • Dynamic, Data-driven Infographics summarize statistics and filter results in an instant.
  • Affiliations – Kaleidoscope maps Directors’ & Executives’ affiliations with other companies.
  • Executive Compensation Table – Get a quick glimpse of salary and total compensation trends.
  • Compare Filings – It’s easy to see the additions and deletions made to original documents.
  • Save and Share Searches for collaborative activities, making your team more efficient.
  • Custom Live Reports – Create automatically up-dating reports comprised of filings and infographic widgets that can be shared with others.
  • Custom Peer Groups pinpoint results on specific companies avoiding the time-consuming “one-at-atime” approach.
  • Export Options let you export / print / view documents in Word, PDF and download financial tables and search results into XLS. Or Mass Download filings, exhibits or agreements in one group.
  • Email Alerts – Set up unlimited alerts on subjects, people, competitors, events, customers, and suppliers.
  • XBRL and iXBRL viewing in HTML and download to Excel.

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