The Big Picture on Dividend Cuts

While companies are announcing dividend suspensions, deferrals or just plain cuts, investors need to see the BIG PICTURE to immediately SEE and COMPREHEND investment decisions.

Kaleidoscope delivers on the BIG PICTURE by layering quantitative metrics via intelligent charts and graphs over the SEC filings. Charts convey vital information instantaneously. All in one, easy to view, BIG PICTURE.

Search on any topic, phrase or company and Immediately see the disclosure activity day-by-day, (blue line)

View and link to the top companies disclosing their intentions to cut or defer dividends.

What SEC filing types contain the disclosure so no more hunting around, and

See how stock prices are affected by the search terms. (green line)

View the industries which most disclosed their intentions to cut or suspend or defer dividends and click on an industry sector to further narrow the search.

Set an Alert to receive Email Alerts on new disclosures.

Each filing has the hits in context highlighted for rapid recognition.


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Kaleidoscope, the state-of-the-art in securities research, unveils critical, quantitative metrics underlying every search. Securities research is an overwhelming task without seeing the metric distribution behind the results. Data visualization is vital to workflow efficiency and pinpoint accuracy. Using data visualization technology, Kaleidoscope transforms endless lists into meaningful charts and graphs reflecting the distribution of results. The flexible search functionality, data visualization with metrics and robust export features are the reasons why Kaleidoscope is an unmatched resource for by investors, corporations, law firms, investment banks, accounting firms as well as consulting firms of all sorts. Visit for more information.

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