Fast & Easy Peer Comparison and Analysis

No more wasting time visiting multiple sites to gather information on peers or competitors. Kaleidoscope collects and compares the data in seconds. In addition to creating custom peer groups, you’ll immediately see the comparative summary as you build the group.

Streamline Analysis with Fast, Easy Comparisons:

  • EOD Stock Prices for the trailing 12 months
  • Key Financial Indicators: Market Cap, Ratios, Analyst’s Target Price, Revenue, EPS, etc.
  • Fundamental Financials year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter 
  • Risk Factors by categories and priorities
  • Executive Compensation on CEO, CFO and COO
  • ESG Trends and Frequency Metrics
  • Compare Disclosure language in filings, exhibits, agreements, comment letters and transcripts

Kaleidoscope Peer Group Benefits:

  • Pinpoint Disclosures– Focus your disclosure, agreements, or exhibit searches by using your Peer Group as part of your criteria.
  • Collaborate – Share your Peer Group with colleagues for improved collaboration.
  • Modify– Rename a Peer Group at any time.
  • Edit– Delete and Add Peers as necessary.
  • Project Completion– Delete the Peer Group when done with your analysis.
  • Limitations? No limits on the number of Peer Groups.
  • **Included** in your Kaleidoscope subscription.


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