Kaleidoscope Introduces New Content for Company Profiles

Kaleidoscope Introduces New Content for Company Profiles

Over the summer our team has been extracting data from SEC filings to streamline your research. We are excited to introduce 3 new content components within a Company Profile. It’s a one-stop shop for all things financial, legal and investor relations-related for a public company. So what’s new?

Executive Compensation and Director Compensation data 

Why wait for offshore workforces to manually collect compensation data on executives and directors?

  • Instantly access the compensation data Kaleidoscope extracts directly from Proxy Statements.
  • With quick links to the source filings and immediate export to Excel, there’s no quicker way to find and review the compensation packages for all executives and directors.
  • And this data is available on the Kaleidoscope desktop or through the API.
  • For updates on Leadership Changes, either browse Kaleidoscope pre-surfaced Events or set up personal email alerts for company leadership or career changes on individuals.

Company Financials 

No more confusing differences between “normalized” and “as reported” financials! 

  • The Company’s Financial section accurately reflects the “as reported” and XBRL data.
  • Content includes the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.
  • Covers past 5 annual disclosure and the past 10 quarters.
  • One-click exports the financial data to Excel. 

Institutional Holdings

Again, time is money when you’re investing or investigating a company’s ownership.

  • Kaleidoscope extracts the data in 13-F holdings report to provide the most current information on Institutional Ownership.
  • The easy to read chart delivers the statistical data on shares held, market value, % of the portfolio, and % changed from the previous quarter.
  • Export the data into Excel from the desktop application or ask about delivery via an API directly into your application.

We think Kaleidoscope is reliably the most flexible, complete, and best new securities research application on the market today. Visit our website www.kscope.io

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