What’s New

What's New?

Our commitment to clients means frequent improvements. Below are the  changes implemented in the past few days. Please feel free to send us your feedback. 

Improved Blurb Review.  The BLURB  column has been replaced.  Each blurb now has an individual lines below the company name to streamline the review process. The section and  page number where the blurb occurs can now be seen more easily. To view more than the first few blurbs, click on View ALL Blurbs to expand the list

Multiple Section Print.  Need to print a section, or just specific sections?  Now you can select either a single section or multiple sections from the outline view on the left navigation column. Click on the printer icon to print one section at a time. Or check the boxes on the left to select multiple sections at once and use the orange cog at the top of the left column to print/download.

Automatic Headers for Easy ID of Section Prints. Once sections are  selected, Kaleidoscope automatically adds a header to ID the  company name, the filing type and the date it was filed.

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