New! Research Center API Solution

New! Research Center API Solution - Easy as 1-2-3

New! Research Center API Solution uses Kaleidoscope’s SEC public company and funds research platform to 1. search, 2. validate results and 3. convert to code in minutes. It’s a simple “cut & paste” from there.

If you need it done today, Kaleidoscope is the answer.

This specialized API conversion technology gives the Research Center control over the data, the ability to modify content and related data as user interests change or create multiple feeds channeling targeted information to different divisions/groups of the organization.

Real-time & Authoritative

Kaleidoscope delivers real-time, actionable content from original authoritative securities filings, investor news, stock data, and our proprietary extracted data to enrich all types of information solutions. From audio and transcripts of earnings calls to M&A activity, we focus on providing real-time authoritative information that ensures confident, factual decision making for investing, competitive intelligence, business strategies to drafting legal documents from precedents to monitoring shareholder activism. We offer a suite of APIs, data feeds that deliver high-quality content to meet your customer’s requirements. (Learn more. . .)

Coverage for US, Canadian and International Filers

Kaleidoscope covers the entire spectrum of North American securities filings from “as reported” and XBRL financial data through to proprietary derived datasets. (LINK to API Brochure/API specs)

Experienced & Reliable

Our team has been developing SEC data feeds and APIs for 20+ years. The current platform powers over 2,000 websites and supports hundreds of financial platforms through distribution partners.

Accessibility & Delivery

Kaleidoscope provides a variety to methods to access and receive content and data. Push, pull, or alerting, the Kaleidoscope API provides the flexibility for creating and receiving content, interactive data visualization widgets and extracted data into your information platform. (Get started today button)

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